Logan. Meh.

Dec 8 2019

Watched Logan’s Run for the first time & I have so many thoughts. Like:

Why do they live in a mall?
& what was the point?
Why do the people who help them run not run themselves?
Who is passing out these Ankh keys???
They have teleportation Tinder but their cars are basically rollercoasters?
Why can’t Logan 6 actually hit anything when he shoots?
& if they aren’t being reborn then isn’t he just Logan?
What ARE cat’s 3rd names?
This was a comedy, right?


Things I did enjoy about this terrible, awful, piece of sci-if trash that did not have Sean Connery in it:

The ruined senate chambers overrun by cats.
No means no.
The old man’s ramblings that made more sense than the rest of the script.

That’s it.


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