I’ve been building websites since I was 12. I taught myself how to code using WYSIWYG and HTML toggle screens. After going to school for a few years in Lubbock, Tx (Texas Tech University 2001) & creating life (twice!) I got a job working at a non-profit coordinating data for their reporting requirements using SQL, MS Access, & macros. In this role I became a subject matter expert in the relational database model, as well as the data requirements for grants, reports, & ad-hoc analysis within the operational structure of a non-profit. I also helped them migrate their old <html> site to a locally built WordPress site which they still use, & continue to improve. Other responsibilities included managing internal & external communication campaigns with donors, volunteers, & on social media.

I was offered a temporary gig working for a global, tech giant in Austin, Tx ~2013 & within a year was offered a full time role. I started in an entry level data analyst position writing data formulas & left as an integral part of executing an award winning marketing strategy, as well as a global lead generation event. While there I learned how to identify & design the campaign effectiveness of lead generation efforts around metrics.

I went on to accept a Marketing Director role with more creative freedom for a wholesale cannabis trading company in ~2017. Because of their size (<50 employees) I was allowed to lead sales/marketing operational decisions, & implement customer management platforms, as well as e-commerce selling sites like Zoho, Shopify & BigCommerce, while simultaneously attempting to develop a custom inventory platform, & managing marketing for multiple retail brands in addition to their wholesale one. In this role, I tried to provide the infrastructure for digital expansion to help them stay competitive in a rapidly modernizing industry while also learning valuable lessons about the industry’s pain points.

I moved from San Marcos, Texas to Austin for a new contract in 2018, where I helped develop a custom marketing & sales automation platform for an enterprise software developer using Marketo, Salesforce & engagement metrics from app usage, as well as developed communication sequences using sales automation tools for funnel progression. When my contract was complete, I made vegan ice cream for a year at Sweet Ritual until I returned to San Marcos Dec 2019 to be closer to my family. I was planning on studying Data Science via a MIT Bootcamp & selling art, but in 2021 was offered a fantastic gig working at Indeed.com supporting jobseeker experience where I currently develop lifecycle acquisition campaigns with stakeholders & define audiences, as well as use my knowledge of SQL, Python & analytics to support our marketing data science efforts. I work with really cool, brilliant people. So now #ihelppeoplegetjobs & I don’t update this site anymore.



Resume (2020)



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