• Marketing & Ops work

    MARKETING & OPS WORK Global Entrepreneurship Week 2020 (Splash Coworking, 2020) Virtual Political Candidate Forum (Splash Coworking, 2020) Marketing Automation Platform Design & Development (Projectmanager.com, 2019) Sales Operations, funnels, plays & sequences (Projectmanager.com, 2019) Tradeshow Marketing (Windship Trading, 2018) Social Media (Windship Trading, 2018) Branding & Launch (Humble & Fume, 2018) Social Media (Sharpstone Grinders,…

  • Websites

    Website design, development, & direction (This is a running list of websites I have developed/designed or otherwise contributed to. Some of the older ones have been updated since my work but I’m compiling screenshots from the archives.) Splash Coworking Astralchemy The Abstractionist Papers Mayday! SMTX San Marcos Alliance for Schools Humble & Fume Sharpstone Grinders…

  • Resin

    2020 // Custom mold, resin & moss.

  • sketchBook

    2020 // Personal Website Icons

  • Linocuts

    Prints I’ve made for fun

  • Oracle Cards

    Handmade oracle cards based on Rilo Kiley’s album Initial Friends

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