Natural History

I forgot to tell you. I turned off all my social media notifications. I much prefer screaming into a void to the tune of a symphony for a crater, then catching up on the commentary. I’ve never been a performer, I just want to capture things. Sometimes it’s my face. Or half of. Or myContinue reading “Natural History”

Logan. Meh.

Dec 8 2019 Watched Logan’s Run for the first time & I have so many thoughts. Like: Why do they live in a mall?& what was the point?Why do the people who help them run not run themselves?Who is passing out these Ankh keys???They have teleportation Tinder but their cars are basically rollercoasters?Why can’t LoganContinue reading “Logan. Meh.”

//////////////////////’Game of Thrones’ finale recap: Season 8, Episode 6, ‘The Iron Throne’//////////////////////i

Ok. I have now watched the GOT finale twice, with multiple stops and pauses for me screaming at my TV. & I have a lot to say. I present the following for your viewing/reading pleasure (because I can’t be in everyones living room screaming at the TV; & also Defensive Driving videos are really really boring & I don’t have a job.)